We automate your dream home, so you can focus on bigger, better things.

Convert your home into a Smart Home with Aikyam Automations, and never ever touch your switch boards again.

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Real Automation. Not Switching.

At Aikyam, we believe that automation means more than just remote switching via a phone app.
With our automation, you can sit back, relax, and let your home work for you.

Indoor Positioning Indoor Positioning
Geofencing Geofencing
Sensor Based Automations Sensor Automations
Schedulers Schedulers

Our Product Range

Choose from our carefully crafted solutions and experience the gold standard of home automation technology.

Switch Module Aikyam Switch Modules Makes your regular switches smart

• All channel lighting and dimmable • Slim design • Works with high load appliance (upto 30 ampere) • Shock proof

Variants - 2, 4, 6, 8

Switch Module Aikyam Touch Panels Modern look with advanced features

• Premium finish • Control with IR remote and app • Real-time feedback of switch states • Backlit control for night mode

Variants - Glossy, Matte, Modular

Switch Module Aikyam Sensor Node Gives senses to your home

A sensing solution involves the use of various sensors that can be seamlessly integrated into a room to provide real-time data. This data can then be leveraged for automation, enabling a truly intelligent and personalized home experience.

IR Control
Aikyam Energy Meters Monitor and optimize energy usage

• Insightful energy usage graphs in app • Appliance wise usage through algorithm • Spending limit alarms

IR Control
Aikyam IR Controller Makes appliances smart

Control all your IR-enabled devices with a single app on your phone, eliminating the need for multiple remotes.

Security Solutions
Security Solutions Camera & Anti-Theft Detectors

Our security solutions detects potential threats (like theft and intrusion) and provides real-time alerts, enabling you to respond quickly and effectively.

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Aikyam App

Introducing our advanced and user-friendly home automation app. Our sleek and intuitive interface lets you control your smart devices, monitor energy usage, and customize settings with ease. Stay connected to your home from anywhere, anytime.

Aikyam App

Automate your home and Simplify your life today